It has no need

It has no need During the next moment he can roar with laughter all for pleasure that sees a face of mother.

The kid is given to emotions, without caring of consequences it beats, without deliberatin and then so is surprised to the received effect as though his hand moved by itself.

It seldom directs the energy on somebody specifically on deep personal motives.

It has no need to analyze the feelings and reactions by means of reason.

Owing to the age it also cannot make this.

It is just necessary to recognize its feelings, his behavior needs to be operated in the forms corresponding to age.

We will make in this respect some recommendations further in this , in the section Fencings.

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It seemed

It seemedWe, of course, did not suspect that in sixteen years all teenagers think that happiness somewhere ahead, and then, having lived to gray hairs and solid years, but without having found the happiness, old men start to think that behind and they already the became obsolete happiness.

The belief that content and own correctness occurs from rivalry and aspiration to victories a consequence of that Freud called rivalry of children in a family.

It seemed to it that all of us are compelled to be protected from envy, jealousy and hatred of the brothers and sisters which also apply for full and indivisible attention of mother.

But Freud had no possibility to observe not deprived people.

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That from them, over

That from them, overLook at drawing These circles oboznacha lodges.

That from them,over which it is drawnenvelope mail, otkuyes the postman goes to a way with the letter.

In wasps talny lodges there live syllables, each of whichconsists of two sounds concordant and public.

Yim on inhabitants syllables are written down with the help of letters.

Dashed lines between circles paths but which the postman goes.

To find the addressee, the postman is obliged to observe such rule it is possible to go on a path which conducts from mail to that lodge where there lives a syllable with soft concordants; if in a name of the resident concordant firm, but such path it is impossible to go.

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He cried because

He cried becauseAndrey Pavlovsky was the happy teacher.

He cried because of happiness, when read about successes of the pupil in the magazine of the Parisian academy of Sciences where August Koshi testified to achievements of M of Century Ostrogradsky.

Laplas was at a loss, and Mikhail helped it.

Specially for sceptics we will provide the statement of the authoritative opponent Socrat.

He said that the wise man teacher does not teach us to anything it only the person, capable to awaken in others aspiration to truth.

To define a role of the teacher meanwhile it is impossible more precisely.

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Under a triangle

Under a triangleBefore you the circle is drawn,I.

To the left of it draw a triangle, and to the right of a circle a square.

To the right of a square draw a circle, but so.

that it was more already drawn.

Between a big circle and a square draw a rectangle.

To the left of a triangle draw a small square.

It should be less triangle.

Above a big square draw an oval.

Under a triangle a circle.

Between a small square and a triangle draw the line.

To the right of a big circle draw a tag.

More to the right of a tag draw a triangle which is less than the already available.

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